About Soproges

about us

Key Facts

Soproges Real Estate was established in 1983 as a Private Limited Company to offer Real Estate Agency services for the purchase, sale or rental of residential and commercial (retail, industrial, office and others) properties along with other property consultancy services. We have also built up a productive network with professional firms specializing in Land Surveying, Valuation Surveying, Investment and Development as well as other Real Estate Agencies to support our activities.

Vision and Strategy

Meeting and working with our people is the only way to understand what makes Soproges Real Estate different – but these values and principles give you a flavour for what we do and how we do it.


Our professionalism derives from the mature and all-rounded knowledge of the property industry acquired over the last 35 years by our senior personnel and enhanced by the technical ability, skills and expertise of our young property professionals. Thus our company has the necessary resources to provide a deep understanding of specialist property sectors with the highest standards of client care.

Client-focused approach

We aim to construct sustainable and long-term relationships with our clients.

Integrity and Trust

We base our relationships on integrity and trust. We ensure that both our staff and clients feel very much part of the Soproges family.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our organization is usually involved in the sponsorship of charity events launched by various groups.

Aspire to Lead

Soproges Real Estate strive to be the best in everything we do and in every market we serve.


Our senior management team is responsible for ensuring that our operations, services and standards reflect the values we hold true. We are adopting an increasingly divisional organisational structure in order to optimise our management efficiency.

Main role of the company (defined according to past experience)

Thus far, our main activities were mainly in the departments of marketing and sales which we have mastered over the past 35 years. Therefore, our most developed expertise lies in the following roles:

Acting as intermediary between vendor and purchaser, lessor and lessee;
Appraising approximate true market value and investment value of property;
Providing a platform for comparison between property prices;
Carrying out research to ensure that the property for sale is saleable and legally cleared; Negotiating with both parties effectively to reach agreements;

Advising clients on other property services and professionals including land surveyors, valuation surveyors, public notaries, attorneys-at-law amongst others; and assisting them throughout until the sale contracts are signed by both parties; Administers properties on behalf of clients and acts as their trustees for maintenance and rental; Undertaking the subdivision and parceling of land for morcellements professionally; Marketing property efficiently.

International Marketing

In addition to the extensive network established in Mauritius, Soproges Real Estate is constantly in touch with Mauritian citizens as well as non-citizens settled in Europe, Australia, South Africa, Canada and Switzerland. Advertisements of Soproges Real Estate in foreign-based press have made the Company known to an audience dispersed throughout different parts of the globe. This situation facilitates our capability to sell/rent properties to expatriates, especially in the case of RES, IRS or IHS properties, as briefly explained below.

Non-nationals are now allowed to acquire property in Mauritius under special schemes such as the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES) and Invest-Hotel Schemes (IHS). Incentives enacted under these schemes immensely simplify the acquisition of properties by foreign investors.

We are confident that our long experience in the industry and our highly competent and motivated personnel will continue to ensure the best of services to our clients, as clearly reflected over the past three decades.