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Eligibility for non-citizens

The acquisition of properties in Mauritius by non-citizens is principally dictated by the provisions of the Non-Citizen (Property Restrictions) Act 1975 (as amended) and the Economic Development Board Act 2017.


For acquisition of property for business purposes

In accordance with the Non-Citizen (Property Restrictions) Act 1975, a non-citizen can acquire an immovable property, a rights to immovable property or part of a building for business purposes, provided that he is registered as an investor (company) with the Economic Development Board (EDB) and that he obtains an authorisation from them to make the acquisition.

A non-citizen can also lease an immoveable property or part of a building for a period exceeding 20 years for business purposes provided that he is registered as an investor and that he obtains and authorisation from the EDB.

Authorisations are likely to be granted where the business activity is for:

a)    The development of high activity commercial use building including, but not limited to shopping mall, office building or warehouse, for own use, sale, rental or lease

b)    The development of residential properties under the Property Development Scheme and the Smart City Scheme

c)    Any other activity carried out for reward, gain, or profit, but excluding acquisition for resale, lease or rental of any bare land.