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Mauritian Property Market for Investors

The Mauritian property market has experienced substantial developments in all its sub-sectors over the last 10 years, with decentralisation, creation of new hubs and persistent demand being recognised as the main drivers. As at today, the scope for both direct and indirect property investment in Mauritius is wide ranging for both citizens and non-citizens. Investments can be made to capitalise on buy-to-let scenarios or to undertake yielding property developments.


Offices were originally conglomerated at Port Louis, the Capital of Mauritius where the Port is also located. However, since the development of the Ebene Cybercity, there has been a decentralisation of office occupiers (principally tenants) from Port Louis to Ebene. In trying to promote further decentralisation, the Government established other business parks and required all ‘Smart Cities’ being developed under the Smart City Scheme (SCS) to comprise substantial proportions of office space. In central business districts such as Port Louis and Ebene, the estimated and expected return for an office complex which is let at market rent and with standard lease terms should normally range around 8.50%


The Caudan Waterfront and Port Louis high streets have been for long the main retail attraction in the island. However, the development of the ‘Mall of Mauritius’ at Bagatelle and multiple other shopping centres diverged demand for retail space. High street shopping in the regions of Mahebourg and Central Flacq also remain very vibrant. Retail complexes are normally expected to have a yield of around 7.50%.


Industrial properties in the island are normally concentrated in industrial zones and within the Port limits. The rental market for industrial properties is becoming more and more in demand. Industrial properties, comprising building(s) having a reasonable plot coverage, are normally expected to command a yield of approximately 10.00%.

Specialised Properties

Specialised properties can be otherwise termed as purpose-built properties, such as hotels, hospitals or clubs. The hotel market is particularly attractive for investors, owing to the well-performing tourism industry which translates into consistent high occupancy rates in hotel rooms. Moreover, sale and leaseback agreements are becoming more and more popular with such properties as such arrangements present interesting returns.

Development sites

The advent of the Smart City Scheme and the Property Development Scheme means that development sites have obtained additional potential for generating improved returns upon development. The availability of both strategically located inland and beachfront plots of land implies that property developments are not limited to the above-mentioned schemes.